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The Atlantic Screen Group of Companies is a music publishing, production and media investment company concentrating on the acquisition ,financing, supervision and publishing of major film scores. Over the last three years the company has had considerable success with over $100 million of highly successful films, including "2 Guns", "Lone Survivor" and "Escape Plan", and continues to do so with films being currently released, such as "Triple 9", "Forsaken", "The Surprise", and "Lost City Of Z".

Copyright Administration Services Limited is the 100% owned subsidiary of Atlantic, concentrating on the administration of music copyrights, not only of major film clients such as Voltage, Kintop and Ealing films, but many composer/publishers, including Barry Mason (composer of "Delilah", "Love Grows", and "The Last Waltz"), Metropolis Music Publishing, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and The British Military Music Archive.

The Company was founded by senior music and film industry executives, who have managed or owned music catalogues of some of the largest media groups in the world, including Columbia Pictures Music, Belwin Mills, Merchant Ivory, Al Gallico, Endemol, Handmade Films, Chorion, Millimage and Pathe. Also among the catalogues administered over the past years are Abba, Bob Marley and Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac, giving the Atlantic Group an unrivaled expertise amongst all of the world's independent music companies.

Lost City of Z
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